Saturday, October 10, 2009


Today I have Hannah, Maria, and Micaiah with me for what is a very long day.  Their presence is giving me a bit of a break for now.

As I mentioned earlier – the kids are all here because they want to be – no small detail for any parent.  In fact, I had to insist that they stay home on Thursday and Friday in order to save their strength for today and tomorrow.  This morning, Lydia asked to come and help me – a hard request to resist (the day would be too hard for her).  We’re pacing ourselves more now, retrieving and saving DVDs when we suspect that we’re talking to Christians, but handing off a business card in its place when we can.  Approximately 6000 DVDs are now gone and thus we want to make sure that our distribution is as deliberate as possible.  Overall, we look to the Lord to plant these where they need to go, and we are continually petitioning Him to that end.


Most days here are simply fast and furious.  Don’t get me wrong, there are lulls and moments of quiet – but this is often disrupted quickly by an unexpected onslaught of people.  The only way to stay on top of this roller-coaster of traffic is to stand ready at the front of the booth – ready to give an answer for the hope that lies within us, or at least to hand out a WDYS DVD, or an Amazing Grace Gospel CD.   Thus, there isn’t much time for anything else, and the daily blogging has been quite slow – but, of course, we’re not here to blog.  Dean was with me for the day once again.  When Dean is here, I end up eating more than usual.  For example, Dean arrived at our booth with a delivery of Yaki-Soba – one of my favorite Japanese dishes – a kind of late morning brunch.  This was later supplemented with an “Awsome Blossom” onion concoction (with lunch).  Dessert was maple cotton candy (compliments of Dean, despite the scandal below), topped off late in the evening with an ice cream concoction.  I’m pretty sure now that Dean is trying to kill me – slowly.  Actually, kidding aside, it is because of Dean that I’m actually taking the time to get a meal – something that I’m not very good at doing, especially when I’m in the midst of a busy schedule.

We had some fun throughout the day... 

Concerning the schedule, I have been here every day from the start – Fri (11 hrs), Sat (13 hrs), Sun (10 hrs), Mon (7hrs), Tues (7 hrs), Wed (11 hrs), Thurs (7hrs), Fri (11 hrs), Saturday – today (13 hrs), Sunday – tomorrow (10hrs).  After my first Saturday, I paused and reflected on the fact that I probably have never before stood for 13 hours and talked nearly non-stop; this, followed by preaching the following morning, only to return for 10 hours of more of the same.  The Lord is sustaining me wonderfully.  He has guarded me with good health and a voice that hasn’t suffered too much.  Yesterday was a blessing – seasoned with several conversations with people about the Gospel.  However, with many apologies, I failed to capture Dean’s “singing” of various songs throughout the day.  For reasons unknown to me, he didn’t want his performances recorded on video.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Scott’s labor of opening on Monday, Tuesday, and today (Thursday) has proven to be an important help.  An 11 hour shift, on one’s feet – talking for the overwhelming majority of the time, is quite demanding.  Yesterday, I began having some trouble with my voice.  It’s loud in the Annex building, especially when there is a crowd – and so it is important to speak up so that others can hear you.  Whenever I come in for my “shift,” Scott is working right there at the booth, talking to folks and handing out DVDs.  Dean will be with me again tomorrow for the full day…more later:


Perhaps it was the weather, but Wednesday presented the challenge of a full crowd.   It was a blessing to have Dean with me for the entire 11 hours – a long haul indeed.  Because of the pace of the day, I had no time to post on the The Armoury, nor did I have any time to take any pics either.  Overall, our day was dominated with DVD distribution, but the Lord did supply a few in-depth conversations throughout the day.   The most key witnessing opportunities revolve around the subjects of mere religion, paganism, and racism.  As well, the thematic question “Where do you stand?” has supplied a consistent means by which to engage people regarding their own convictions about life etc.  There is much that we are learning through this experience.  In many respects we are learning more about the culture in which we live. 

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


This post will be a bookmark for now – until the camera is recharged, we’ll have no pictures.  Scott Rogers opened for me once again – this has been a great help, since it gives me a chance to catch my breath from the previous day.  More to come later…

Update, 5:28 PM: As a review of yesterday – when the Beasley clan came by for a visit, Sandra left Lydia with me for a while (per Lydia’s request).  Without my asking her to do anything – she immediately went towards the front of the booth and proceeded to give DVDs away as if she’d been doing it for quite a while.  Very few refused her…

Hannah & Micaiah take a very well deserved lunch break…

Today has been a bit busier than yesterday, but it still pales in comparison to the weekend.  At this point, approximately 3500 DVDs have been given away.  Please continue to pray that the seed of the Gospel would be received by many.  As I normally do, I blinked for the photo below –

Monday, October 05, 2009


This morning I prayed for a number of individuals with whom I spoke over the weekend.  Their willingness to hear the Word of God being presented was an encouragement to me and reminded me of the need to pray that the Lord might open their eyes to the truth – I can talk until I’m blue in the face, but until the Spirit convicts and leads men to the truth, nothing will happen.  Scott Rogers Opened the booth this morning which was a great help – many thanks Scott!  It blessed my soul to see him sharing, not just the DVDs, but the truth of Christ’s centrality in everything.  Not every encounter with people leads to lengthy conversations, but when we have the opportunity, we are glad to drive our discussions to the cross!

My family came in order to give me some sustenance, and Sandra and the kids handed out DVDs while I ate…

Now it’s just Ruth and Dad – I will keep her with me for a few hours.  She’s been a front-line soldier here, connecting with people, telling them about what we’re sharing with people.  She’s still quite young, but she’s laboring like a big girl!

Sunday, October 04, 2009


After a 13 hour day yesterday, Micaiah is at it again.  I thank the Lord for the joyful countenance of my children and their willingness to serve the Lord!  Without their help, this would become a nearly breakless endeavor for myself.  But after 5 hours of sleep, and preaching this morning – their help is indispensible.  Hannah will be with us today for this 3rd day at the DCF.  Each day is packed with a host of conversations and experiences, and I haven’t the time or ability to write about them all, but suffice it to say – there have been many opportunities to speak to people here – and I thank the Lord for it all.  We’ll have a few updates as the day progresses.

7:42 PM – Since this is a first-time experience for us, we have wondered what the pace would be like from day to day.  Saturday was busy, but today (Sunday) has been even busier!  Because of this we have had slightly fewer in-depth conversations with folks than in the past few days, however, things are still going very well.  Hannah & Micaiah provide stellar help, for which I am very thankful.  The biggest scandal of the day is that, despite the wonderful lunch that was packed for me, I opted for a little “Fiesta Role” from Ichiban. 

Blog-confession is good for the soul:

Note – the racism video/discussion has been a great aid for witnessing to people.  It has proved to be pivotal for several conversations today.

Update:  Alright (Hannah here) - I need to finish my dad’s confession. =) He did admit to getting food at Ichiban, but he failed to mention that he completed what we call the “Thruway Triangle.” Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, and Ichiban are all in the same shopping center, so when we are on Stratford road we tend to complete the “triangle” – and that’s just what dad did today. =) (Of course, Micaiah and I did enjoy our pumpkin spice doughnuts…but I couldn’t resist an opportunity to tease Dad!)

Saturday, October 03, 2009


From 2009-10-03

10:30 AM:  One of my greatest joys in life and ministry is seeing the way in which my children are growing in the wisdom of Christ.  As well, their desire to help and be a part of my labors is a joy that transcends description.  They all want to help, but the constraints of a 9’x10’ booth limit the number of people who can be with me at a given point in time.  Three’s nearly a crowd here, and thus I’m keeping my volunteers to two at this point.  Micaiah is joining us today, and Maria is here for day two. 

12:10 PM: Micaiah is doing a great job!

1:15 PM: Scott & Amanda paid us a visit – it was a blessing to have a moment of fellowship with them!

Friday, October 02, 2009


Already we have had some great opportunities to talk to folks about our need for Christ and His word.  I’m very thankful for this open door and opportunity for the Gospel.  Hannah and Maria have joined me (@ 4:30) and we have been having a blessed time together…

From 2009-10-02

From 2009-10-02

It is 5pm and 300 DVDs have already been given away!

Update – this is a new experience for us.  Overall, Friday was fast and furious – we concluded the day having given away approximately 570 DVDs, and - having had a number of blessed conversations with passers-by about mankind’s need for Christ.  We’ve also had a few moments with the KJV “fighting fundy” types – a few conversations were rather contentious.  At one point (after stepping away for a few minutes), I came upon two people who were being contentious with my eldest daughter – Hannah.  I diffused the moment quickly, but was reminded by it that the American “church” is rife with much confusion and conflict.  Frankly speaking, this is one of the reasons that we’re out here today.  No matter who we speak with, our desire is to pass along the truth of God’s Word.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

We Live in a World of Many “isms”

This year we will have an opportunity to be at the Dixie Classic Fair here in Winston-Salem NC.  For those of you outside of NC, this fair is a fairly big event here in the Piedmont Triad area (Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High Point).  We have on hand 12 cases of the “Where Do You Stand?” DVD on hand to give away.  Of course, we hope to do more than just hand out DVDs – we are looking forward to talking to people about the very contents of the 12 videos thus featured: 

1.  Do We Live in a Pointless Universe?
As scientists continue to research the vastness of space, we are discovering that the universe is much larger than we have ever imagined.  Because of these ongoing findings within cosmology, many have surmised that mankind is utterly insignificant.  As well, if it is true that the Universe will continue to expand forever into a cold and lifeless void, can it be said that “We live in a Pointless Universe?”

2.  Philosophy vs. True Science.
Can it be argued that the Universe “created itself out of nothing” as posited by Mr. Stephen Hawking?  Is such a supposition the product of philosophy or empirical science - and does it matter?  Will C.E.R.N.’s Large Hadron Particle Accelerator be able to unlock the universe’s deepest secrets?

3.  “Religulous” - by Bill Maher
Bill Maher’s movie “Religulous” argues that religion is harmful to humanity, and that all forms of theism amount to a single genre of foolishness called “religion.”  Is he entirely wrong, or entirely right?; or does he make some valid points within his movie?

4.  The Reality of “Atheism”
Atheism is one of the fastest growing movements in America.  What is Atheism, and how is it that atheists can come to such a conviction that there is no God?  As well, why are the advocates of atheism becoming more active in advancing their viewpoints?

5.  God is not Great?
Christopher Hitchens’ book - “god is not Great” has become very popular throughout the world.  He, like Bill Maher, argues that theism is “child abuse” and is a “poisonous branch that should have been snapped off long ago...” p. 275.  Is religion a dangerous and poisonous branch within mankind?

6.  The Dangers of Violent Religion
No one can deny that many acts of violence have been committed in the name of religion.  This is true today, and it has been true for centuries.  But why is this so?  What relationship does religion have with such violence?

7.  All Men are Created Equal?
Can it really be said that “all men are created equal?”  Were men “created” and in what sense does the notion of “race” factor into this question?  As well, is “racialism” a valid concept of the human race?

8.  Religion, Politics & True Hope
Perhaps you have seen examples where religious faith has been used for the sake of political advantage.  Is there anything wrong with using spiritual terms to describe our American politics & patriotism? 

9.  My Country ‘Tis of Me?
The hymn “America” supplies some very important lessons about the nature of our nation’s independence, dependence, and liberty.  What is that message, and why is it still so important for our own day and age?

10.  True Patriotism
Do you consider yourself to be a good American patriot?  What does it mean to be a patriot, and how might one live out such patriotism?  As well, does your sense of patriotism change at all based upon who is  serving in leadership at the time? 

11.  The Failures of Mere Religion & Atheism
What good can religion, agnosticism, or even atheism bring to a person?  This video presents an important query about all three belief systems.

 12.  A Song of True Liberty
The hymn “America,” or “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” is considered to be our nation’s second national anthem.  In this hymn, America is called a “sweet land of liberty.”  How was this liberty forged, and what is the ultimate message of this historic hymn?

We will be “live blogging” the event over the next 10 days.  We ask for your prayers that the Word of God would run and have success (2 Thess. 3:1-2) as we may have opportunity to describe to others the anatomy of this important question - “Where do you stand?”